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District Planning Group is committed to finding the best solutions for community building and economic vitality. We build teams, collaborate and guide land entitlement toward this goal.


Public Sector


Regulatory Revisions

We support your community’s vision, goals, and policies for land use and development, through needed revisions to your local codes.


Staff Development

We partner with local government leaders to create new paradigms of public-private collaboration by evolving bureaucracy into creative problem solving.


Public Engagement

We build bridges between residents, community interests, and private development. By leading the conversation, our firm collaborates to achieve a mutually beneficial result.


Neighborhood Planning

Urban vs. Rural, Ocean vs. Agriculture, New vs. Established. Neighborhoods take on all types of geographic and demographic characteristics and sometimes face inevitable and controversial change. We facilitate engagement to arrive at a consensus vision.

Private Sector


Site Selection

We identify and evaluate properties to meet your needs for business location and expansion through in-depth knowledge of the local area and its resources.


Due Diligence

Before fully committing valuable resources to a property, we unpack the layers of regulation for site entitlement to ensure that your vision can become a reality.


Site Planning & Entitlement

We efficiently navigate the complex maze of land development entitlement by providing project and professional team management. With our combined 30 years of local government experience, we use our inside knowledge of the process to expand efficiency.


Stakeholder Engagement

We lead collaborative conversations with oppositional neighbors to facilitate understanding and support of development.

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